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        Every great thing starts with an idea. At Bang on Carpentry and Labour Hire- we are no different. The foundations of the company were founded way back when the founder Thomas, was a little boy, working on construction sites under the watchful eye of his perfectionist father. Having worked on countless sites throughout the years, he has seen first- hand the daily problems companies are faced with when hiring, as well as the struggles that face ambitious jobseekers when looking for a suitable employer. That’s where we step in. It was decided that we could be the gateway in solving this problem that has faced the construction industry for many years.

         Having opened our doors to the public one year ago, the company has quickly established itself and our results speak for themselves (INSERT FIGURES ETC…). At Bang on Carpentry and Labour Hire, we understand that any thriving company has great people at its core. This is where we enter the conversation…

         We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled service by means of sorting out the best from the rest and finding the perfect fit for your company, whether that be a skilled or more general labourer, as well as proficient carpenters. We take care of everything so you don’t have to- right from understanding the needs of your business down to hand picking an employee who will be the perfect fit. For Those seeking employment and for those searching for their new employee- we have it covered. By choosing Bang on Carpentry and Hire, you will receive hands on personalized support and assistance at all levels. 


A tailored experience!  We understand that each and every company is different. From a small scale start up

to a large, growing business- each company will have specific needs and requirements. We make it our priority to develop a deep understanding of the internal workings within any company we work with. We are big believers in quality over quantity and so we make it our job to make sure we find the best fit, not only for the needs of the business, but also for the interests of the jobseeker so that we can create the perfect harmony between employer and employee that is sure to end in a great result.


With a wealth of industry experience across the globe under his belt, Thomas is a dynamic and accomplished pro. Thomas pulls no punches when it comes to delivering results, implementing his wealth of connections and knowledge to hire only the best for any company he works with. His on-site experience has enabled him to connect with jobseekers on a personal level and is seeking to improve the living wage for labourers.

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