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Our work is Bang On.


Carpenter at Work


Our team of Carpenters and Carpenter's Assistants have years of experience working on projects of all sizes. We specialise in commercial installations, not limited to restaurants, hospitals, schools, airports, hotel lobbies, and residential.

Our Senior Carpenters will liaise with stakeholders of all disciplines to get the job done BANG ON.

If you have a carpentry project you want to discuss, get in touch!

Our strong team is always looking for experienced carpentry professionals to join us, if this sounds like you, get in touch!



Let Bang On Carpentry and Labour Hire Ltd. do the hard work for you.


We are constantly sourcing and screening capable and qualified workers, matching GREAT people with GREAT companies. We want to help you get the job done well and BANG ON schedule.

If you have a labour force enquiry you want to discuss, get in touch!

If you are looking for employment and have experience in construction, get in touch!



At our core we are a strong team of Carpenters and Carpenter's Assistants with a passion for delivering quality workmanship and professional service. We are now large enough to take on entire large-scale projects.

As we've grown, so has our construction network in the greater Vancouver area. Now we're able to provide recruiting services to top companies requiring a variety of different labour hire matches as well. Those seeking employment and those searching for their new employee will receive hands on personalized support and assistance at all levels.

At Bang On Carpentry and Labour Hire Ltd. our mission is to complete every carpentry job or labour hire match with all parties smiling.




If you have a job you want priced, please call: +1 (604) 868 5966 or fill out the following form.

If you have a labour hire enquiry you want to discuss, please call: +1 (604) 868 5966 or fill out the following form.


2140 W 12th Ave,

Vancouver, BC V6K 2N2, Canada

Tel: +1 (604) 868 5966


Thank you for getting in touch! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Urgently seeking experienced Carpenters. To apply for a job with Bang On Carpentry, please send your resume to:

Get a quote: +1 (604) 868 5966

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